Safe City Road traffic monitoring system
Safe City Road traffic monitoring system


Safe City Intelligent Monitoring and Control System is an intelligent security system that automatically establishes monitoring and warning area by acquiring monitoring pictures and dynamically detects moving targets in the area to realize comprehensive or even three-dimensional visual monitoring and alarm.   

In the safe city road, according to each city security monitoring and control points, the visual and audio signals are gathered to the police station's optical fiber convergence points throug optical fiber, and the monitoring staff of the police station's convergence points can use the local video transmission monitor of the video recorder to transmit the digital video to the remote monitoring center of the branch. 

In the solution, Yuhang’s Industrial Switch YH6248GST4-SFP, YHD28G, YHD14G, and YHD12G are used to install fixedpoint cameras, PTZ, decoders, alarm probes and other equipment according to the security monitoring points of each city. Visual and audio signals are gathered to the optical convergence point of the police station through optical fiber.The digital video will be transmitted to the remote sub  bureau monitoring center to ensure that the monitoring of each monitoring point is in place and improve the efficiency of network data transmission.

Topology diagram:Safe city to ensure that the road monitoring point  transfer to the monitoring center 


Product selection



Model: YH6248GST4-SFP

24-Port Gigabit Fiber+8G RJ45+4-Port 10G SFP

L3 management Industrial switch



Model: YHD28G-SFP

8-Port Gigabit RJ45+2G SFP Industrial switch


Model: YHD14GP

4-Port Gigabit RJ45(PoE)+1G RJ45 Industrial PoE Switch